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The information of this Wiki is obsolete. Thank you for using the new site of documentation:

Note: As of February 2010 the English version is the leading and most current one. The installation and initial configuration (steps 1-8) was successfully tested on Ubuntu Server 9.10 (20100217).

The following steps outline the whole procedure of an initial installation of Nagios and Centreon until a base configuration is reached. In cases, where Nagios is already used and only Centreon has to be introduced, it's still recommended to re-check the installation base and the prerequisites. Installation of Nagios and Nagios plugins are optional then. Please backup your previous Nagios configuration files before continuing with this setup - especially in step "Configuration of NDO" the local Nagios configuration will be overwritten!

Centreon 2.x

  1. General installation instructions
  2. Storage capacity planning
  3. Installing prerequisites
  4. Installation of Nagios 3
  5. Installation of Nagios plugins
  6. Installation of NDOutils
  7. Installation of Centreon
  8. Web installation of Centreon
  9. Configuration of NDO
  10. Installation of remote pollers
  11. Import files from previous Nagios installation
  12. Check if all process are running
  13. Configuration of SNMP


(Version 2.3.3 on FreeBSD 8.x/9.x)

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